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Why it’s important to double-check industry rumors
October 18, 2011, 6:07 pm
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Over the weekend, I heard from a friend that Messaging Architects was going out of business.  This rumor was based on a comment attributed to someone at Novell about the expiration of their licensing with MA.  I checked out the rumor with both MA and Novell and found the following:

  • Messaging Architects is alive and well, they are profitable, and they are seeing growth in both software and service sales.
  • The rumor was borne out of an expired license resulting from the transition of Novell’s IT to ACS, but the license was immediately replaced by a temporary one from MA’s support team.
  • A senior person at Novell had also heard the rumor, but knows nothing of its origin.
  • A senior person at MA told me I was the only one that had checked with them about the rumor.
Three takeaways from this:
  • Rumors might or might not be true, but they always need to be checked with people in the know to avoid coming to erroneous conclusions.
  • During times of change, as we’re seeing with the transition of Novell to new ownership and a perception by some that the future of GroupWise is unclear, it’s critical for everyone to work even more closely together to share information and build confidence.  Just as economies suffer when there is a lack of confidence, so do companies and brands.
  • GroupWise continues to have a strong and active partner community in MA, GWAVA and many other companies that are actively seeking the success of Novell and GroupWise.
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