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DLP for Social Media
February 18, 2011, 7:53 pm
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For those of you who don’t believe you need to manage your employees’ social media use, here are some tweets gathered on February 18, 2011:

  • “Oh well, my client is stupid! She moved my LA trip to next weekend. I have to go to Chicago and LA”
  • “I just lied to a customer oops”
  • “I’m at work gambling on sports online”
  • “Crappppp they fired Ted. There goes another good manager. This place is going crazy it seems like there getting rid of all the old guys.”
  • “we are an internet based company and are losing money!!!!”
  • “I don’t think walking in on my manager and co-worker looking at porn made my day any better lol. just akward.”
  • “Losing my [EXPLETIVE] mind. A client just called me a [EXPLETIVE] liar. I’m going to flip the [EXPLETIVE] out. A liar I am not.”
  • “My crazy boss is drunk texting me.”
  • “Having an intellectual conversation with idiot co-worker. Now THAT’S entertainment.”
  • “Why can’t [RACIAL GROUP] have good customer service and business skills??? That’s why we’re losing smh”
  • “I just wish I could do something I love for a living…without an idiot boss…”
  • “New job goal: prove that my boss is an idiot publicly whenever I can. Treat me like I’m stupid and I’ll show you stupid, [EXPLETIVE].”
  • “I knew it was going to be an interesting day at work today when my boss greeted me this morning with the phrase ‘I’m still drunk’”
  • “Soooo I woke up drunk as hell and made it to work but my boss isn’t here smh I could still be sleep”
  • “I just lied to my boss and printed off an article to backstop my lie. Somehow tweeting about it is making me feel better.”
  • “I want to sleep with my boss”
  • “There are only four types of client…criminal – stupid – criminally stupid and stupidly criminal! I have quite a lot of the last…”
  • “just caught my co worker watching porn lmao”
  • “He fired his manager, and I guess he’s not with [COMPANY] anymore, not sure about that one.”

Still sure you don’t need to manage social media at work?


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