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An email wish list
January 19, 2011, 1:17 am
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As are many tens of millions of others, I am an avid user of email – so much so that my productivity typically declines when I am without email because of a service outage or some other problem, even if that problem lasts only a few minutes.  As one who is reliant on email, I have developed a wish list of things I’d like to see in email.  I realize that some of these are already available with various tools, but my choices are a bit more limited given that I’m using a Mac, and not all of these capabilities are available anyway.

Here goes:

  • I would like to have a browser experience that works equally well across all leading browsers as it does when using the desktop client.  For example, Outlook Web Access does a great job at mimicking the desktop Outlook experience, but only in Internet Explorer.  That said, there are many email systems that provide a very similar experience in both the browser and the desktop client.
  • I’d also like to be able to send an email with an attachment to a group of people, but then select which ones get the attachment.  For example, if I send a document to A, there I times I want B, C and D to know that A was sent the attachment, although only A really needs to have a copy of it in his mailbox.
  • It would be very useful to be able to have the calendar populate an email response.  For example, quite often someone will ask about my availability over the next week.  If they’re not sharing my calendar, I would like to be able to press a hotkey and have a list of my available times dropped into my response so that I don’t have to build this list manually.
  • I’m a fan of really big mailboxes – not so much a fan of big mailboxes that crash email clients.  Enough said.
  • I’d also like to have built-in analytics for email (perhaps as a cloud-based offering) that would recommend the best time of day to send emails to specific individuals and then schedule those emails automatically.  Similarly, analytics could be used for a wide range of other tasks, such as reviewing the content of inbound and outbound emails to gauge the tone of the language used, or reviewing the content of attachments and then automatically filing them into folders without requiring pre-established rules.
  • Finally, I would like to have built-in text messaging in my email client so that I could integrate mobile and email a bit more than I do now.

What’s your wish list?

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How about the ability to send to a DL but remove a person. So, MAILTO: DL-Myteam – Fred. If we’re adding that, I want to be able to mix in DL’s too. MAILTO: DL-MYDepartment – BobsTeam.

(I’ve wanted this feature for years.)

Comment by Rodney B

These would all be good, although I wouldn’t use them all. I am a PC user with MS Outlook with Business Contact Manager, while not an email feature I would like the contact details populate a calendar entry, instead of having to do it manually.

Comment by David Willett

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